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Suggestions for Law Firms on Twitter, Part 3: Keep up Your Presence

March 31, 2010

Gather a Following

There are lots of blogs about this topic out there, so I won’t dwell on it.  It seems obvious, but to make your twitter account be worth anything to you, it needs to have a few followers.  Here are a few good links on raising followers:  LawyerCasting; Twitter Tips; Pistachio.

Tweet an Appropriate Amount

Nothing is more frustrating than following a Twitter user who tweets every five minutes.  For this reason, I advise against automating your tweets.  It’s okay to automate some tweets (with services like these),  or write a tweet and schedule it to post later, but tweeting too regularly can become annoying to your followers.  Conversely, following a firm that never posts might leave some users questioning why they follow the firm at all.  Too few tweets can cause unfollowing. 

Use Trackers in Your Links

Tweeting links is an important way to convey to your followers what your interested in, and more importantly, what they should be interested in.  It’s also a good way to send your followers to your website, blog, or reviews of your services and other press acclaim.  Using link shorteners (like TinyUrl) is a good way to preserve precious characters for your message.  More importantly, using link shorteners with tracking features (like HootSuite‘s links) allows you to see how many of your followers are utilizing the links you post.

Build Your Internal Social Network

Get your Prominent Attorneys to use Twitter.  Follow them, and have them follow you.  This has a few benefits.  First, it artificially boosts your follower numbers.  Second, if your attorneys are tweeting to their followers, it builds your firms presence, especially if they’re profile mentions that you employ them.  To that end, refer to your attorneys in your firm’s postings, and convince them to mention the firm frequently in theirs.  Keep a close watch on them though, to make sure they keep your firm looking good, and within the ethics rules.

See the previous post for Suggestions for Law Firms on Twitter, Part 1: Mind the Ethics Rules, and Part 2: Maintain a Superior Twitter Image.



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