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Chevron and the First Amendment

July 17, 2010

Crude, a documentary film about Chevron‘s environmentally questionable activities in Ecuador has been in my Netflix queue for a while now.  But it has been on Chevron’s radar even longer.

Chevron sued the filmmaker, demanding he release all his footage.  Miraculously, and perhaps wrongly, the courts have partially granted the request.  The Second Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the documentarian to release all footage featuring any attorney or expert for the plaintiffs in an Ecuadorian lawsuit against Chevron.   The Appeals Court narrowed an earlier District Court Judge’s ruling which ordered all the footage be turned over.

Either way, this could be a dangerous precedent for journalists.  Especially those without the backing of a major newspaper or production company.

Because my post is so brief, I’ve posted links to longer, better stories below:

Appeals Court to Filmmaker: Turn Over Your Footage to Chevron – Citizen Media Law Project

Director Accepts Limits on Chevron to Footage – NY Times

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